Online Etiquette - House Rules

Notes for Staff:
All Google Classroom activities must be supervised by adult staff who have been screened by DND and have completed the PYDPO and Luring and Grooming modules.

All video teleconferences must be scheduled in advance by an adult staff member, who will also act as the moderator to open and close the meeting. Cadets are not permitted to engage in video teleconferencing on Corps/Squadron platforms without supervision.

House Rules for Cadets:
Welcome to your virtual classroom! This will be your main training area for the foreseeable future. You will do everything here – get to know each other, find links to interesting material, engage in video calls, and post stories in the stream below.

To keep this a positive and safe learning space for everyone, however, there are a few house rules we need you to respect:
  1. Keep your language appropriate – if your family heard you say these words and would be ashamed of you, don’t type it.
  2. Come ready to participate – watch the videos or read the posts beforehand so that everyone is on the same page and can continue moving forward together.
  3. Ask questions – the more you engage in the material, the more we all will learn.
  4. Help your peers wherever you can – if someone has a question that you know the answer to, let them know, don’t leave them hanging.
  5. Be patient with others – we are all learning together, and some of us have other priorities like school, family, pets, etc. Don’t put people down, raise them up.
  6. Dress for success and be on time – same as you would for an in-person activity, wear clothing that is appropriate for cadet training, and try your best to be on time or even a few minutes early.
  7. Communicate – let your family know when you are going to be on a conference call to minimize the chances of them interrupting you or distracting the rest of the class in the background.
  8. Location, location, location – Pick a spot for your call that is away from noises and distractions so that you can focus on the material. Take a look around you and make sure the camera angle is clear of anything that may be offensive to others on your call.
  9. Keep your mic muted – Same as in a classroom, raise your hand if you want to speak, and keep your microphone on mute so that the class is not distracted by someone watching a football game in the background.
  10. Let us know how we’re doing – If you have any suggestions to keep material fun or interesting, or if you saw something cool in one of your school video calls feel free to reach out to your Level Officer and let them know. The more you let us know what you want to see, the more we will be able to post material that is interesting to you.